Android Black Market

It is a common scenario to use Android Black Market apps these days as the Android market does not have many apps which are entertaining and interesting. This has made all Android users to make use of the applications available through the black markets. There are various apps that are based on different categories such as lifestyle, business, fashion, cooking, games etc that allows you to stay in touch with the few trends and have a fun filled time playing strategic based or simulation games. There is a new payment checkout service app listed from HighRiskCharge. Some of the interesting apps that many Android users find interesting are listed below.

Shop Brisbane Magazine:

This app is available as free monthly subscription and it updates latest shopping trends in Brisbane. If you are a shopaholic then this is for you! You have to make sure that the auto renew is set on or else it might turn off before the end of the current subscription period. You can adjust the settings by going to the settings option in user’s account. This is one of the effective app offered by android black market.

Android Black Market

B.O.R.G – Free Puzzle Game:

BORG is also called as Basic Organic Recall Game which is an unusual one. You will receive colored orbs each time and when you collect 3 orbs of the same color would score you many points. You can anticipate the moves of your opponent and predict their next move to earn more scores.

Black market Pizza maker:

This is an interesting app from android black market that would help you to find an interesting pizza. It can generate over 1000s of interesting pizza and toppings which would help you to find a good flavor of your own. This is not an ordinary pizza as it is very interesting and fun filled app.

Arachnophobia live wallpaper:

If you wish to have creepy spiders going all over your phone then this app is the right choice. With custom backgrounds, flood mode that features never ending flow of spiders, color settings, web overlay, various settings and interesting graphics, you can scare your loved ones with these spiders!

Money wall papers:

If you love the smell of money seeing it every time on your android would make you love it even more! You can have full control over the speed of money bills and its number being displayed o the screen.

Lava Lamp free wall paper:

If you love physics as a major subject you will love this wall paper app. This live wall paper makes use of real heat to create lava effect. Molten lava bubbles up and floats as soon as it gets heated up and sinks back to the bottom upon cooling. Configure the speed and number of bubbles of the lava of your wall paper. You can also set different backgrounds, lamp colors and bubble shades and change colors with background visibility.

Black Market Billions:

You can snap pictures and then add them to the map according to the GPS location. You can also identify against the criminal threat of stolen or counterfeit goods. This simple action of uploading the snaps will make others to know about the counterfeit goods which will make it very difficult for the sellers to sell illegal goods. This app is highly effective and are very popular among the other android black market apps.

City Index FX:

This is an essential app offered by Android Black Market to ensure that you are able to manage your trading account while assuring you of the security by offering full fledged secure access while trading with forex. This app allows you to check the latest prices and note down the movements in market instantly.

Debt free payoff:

This app will offer you to offer an effective solution for all the debts faced by you and allows you to enjoy a carefree life. You have to remember how to prepare a budget to tackle the debt and other expenses and handle your debt relief effectively.

Live Discounts:

You can enjoy good amount of discounts from restaurants, golf courses, shops, hotels and much more! You can find some amazing discounts through this android black market and you can avail it just by flashing it at the restaurants and parks.