Apps For Android Phones

Blackmart Alpha a.k.a. Black market Android became popular when Gingerbread version of Android was released and it allows to get

apps for free from Google Play Store.

It is just like Google Play, except with this, you are never gonna have to pay for apps for android phones ever again.

First of all, before you download anything, make sure you have your phone rooted. Take a look at my article here to get you started with phone rooting.

Once you downloaded here, install it. When you start Black Market Android for the first time, you are probably gonna to be thinking: “What’s with all these lame applications I have never seen or heard before, these do not look cool at all!”

So, go to search and type in any game you want. Just pick a game from the list, hit install, it will download, hit “allow” to finish installation on your device.

Blackmart Alpha v0.99.2.42