Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

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  • - A total of 28 mean machines, including fan favorite superstars such as Zeus, Atom and Twin Cities. Now eight new contenders have entered the ring; brawl as Touchdown, HollowJack, Blockbuster, Biowar and more!
  • -- 11 different arenas that barely contain these hulking mechanical brutes.
  • -- Championship, Time Attack, Daily Exhibition and Free Sparring; four diverse modes that will test your mettle AND your metal.
  • -- Bigger, better and now social! Take on friends in live local Wi-Fi & Bluetooth multiplayer and fight your way up the leaderboards.
  • -- Customize with decals, load up with upgrades and get a fighting edge with power-ups!
  • -- The movie springs to life with new special moves and cinematic Rip-Offs.
  • -- Real-time action that tests both strategy and reflexes... do you have what it takes?

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