Simplex Solutions Inc. Delivers Cost-Efficient Secure VPN Protection to Android OS Users

New York (PRWEB) July 21, 2014

New York based Simplex Solutions Inc. continues to deliver the quality security services through the VPN Unlimited. Today, the Company is pleased to announce the release of VPN for Android OS. In the past, the Company has successfully introduced its VPN through unlimited connection and bandwidth for iOS, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Offering protection for Android platform is the next important step. A vast community of Android users will appreciate the cost-efficient service capabilities that VPN Unlimited has to offer.

Simplex Solutions Inc. invests into VPN Unlimited development. Aside from fact that the Company does profound work on VPN service upgrades, oftentimes, customers are offered discounts. Designed in a fashionable flat style, the VPN does everything automatically starting with easy app setup and finishing with the fast Internet connection speed and full sustaining of bandwidth.

There is vast majority of expert opinions that agree that any Internet connection should've a proper protection. Boldly facing the fact that the number of cybercriminal attacks continues to increase, there is a primary goal to protect sensitive personal and financial data. In order to do that Simplex Solutions Inc. continues to increase the number of its acting servers worldwide. A new VPN server is added every two weeks. Today, the Company has already numerous active servers in the United Kingdom, the US-East, the US-West, the US-Center, Canada, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands. Romania.

Pricing &. Availability

We can say that VPN Unlimited is affordable service. Aside from the free app download and the 10-day trial period, VPN Unlimited basic package is offered at $1.99. New users have an option of getting VPN package at $1.70 per month (with 72% discount).

About Simplex Solutions Inc.

A rather young Company, it's already gained the popularity through the development of the quality products and services for iOS, Mac OS X, MS Windows, Linux and Android OS. Thanks to the multi-layered encryption, the service offers secure activities like online shopping, bank transfers, bill payments, social media communication, fully sustaining the online privacy.

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